My Beginning in Jewelry Making

My Start

I've been a woodworker pretty much all my life and it has always been my passion. Being creative is an outlet for many of us and sometimes you get stuck or lost with your passions. My daughter started making simple epoxy jewelry and I thought that was pretty cool but of course that was to simple for me :-). I started looking into how jewelry is hand made and said to myself, I can do that!  So now after getting "SOME" tools I got started. Needless to say I think I have found a new passion. Everything I do is made from scratch. No store bought pieces


My First Ring

As I went through a bunch of YouTube video's I came across this video that made something similar to what I emulated. on the left is my version of that ring. The ring is made from Brass.


My Second Flower Ring

I love the way the first flower ring turned out so I made another one. This one is made from brass as well but I went for a single flower on top.



Of course I had to make myself one. This is my first go at Sterling Silver. I'm defiantly hooked.